June 4, 2016

Price Match Guarantee

Kitchen Cabinets Price Match Guarantee


Let us help you remodel your kitchen. We’ve been installing kitchen & bathroom cabinets for years and photos like this one above are a testament to the work we’ve done.

At Hunter’s Home Surplus we truly value your business. So much so that we promise to not only match, but beat any price that our competitors are offering. Get professional advice from licensed contractors who have been remodeling and installing kitchen cabinets for years in the greater Baltimore Area. Simply call 410-866-1063 or schedule an appointment online and tell us what our competition is offering and we’ll beat it!

Kitchen remodeling takes a lot of time and planning. Not only that, you don’t want to just go out and hire any contractor to work on your home. Saving a few hundred(or even thousands) sounds nice but is it worth it taking the risk? At the end of the day you’ll get what you paid for and once the damage is done it’s only going to cost you more. This is why we always stress our customers to go through a licensed professional. That way you can guarantee the work done is by a certified Baltimore, Md contractor.

There are some restrictions to this price match promise:

  • Your quote must be from a licensed contractor.
  • Your quote must be from a store located in the greater Baltimore area(D.C is Ok).
  • Quote must be within the last 2-months.
  • You must schedule an estimate with us either by phone, email or on our online appointment booker prior to agreement of a price match.




We reserve the right to refuse any price match for any of the following reasons included but not limited to above. In Most cases we will be able to offer you a price match.