June 4, 2016

Referrals Program: Hunter’s Home Surplus

Refer Us Work For Kitchen Cabinets and Earn Money!

We are proud to offer a commissions based program for work that you refer to us. Our Program is quite simple, below are a list of the requirements to take part and start earning commissions. Your referral can call, e-mail or schedule an online appointment and all they have to do is say your name(plus a 4-digit number) and then you’re locked in for the commission! Oh yeah did we mention the person you refer will get a 5% discount as well?

Benefits of this is that once your name has been mentioned as the referrer you can’t lose it.

  1. If you would like to take part in the referrals program please contact us by e-mail at markh@huntershomesurplus.com. We will need your name for referral purposes.
  2.  You cannot promise prices that we haven’t already agreed upon.
  3.  Referrals only apply the greater Baltimore and DC Area.
  4.  You may not receive additional commission for the same referral. This program is meant for customers who would otherwise not know about Hunter’s Home Surplus and therefor as a result this offer is only good for “New” referrals only by which it is their first time doing business with us.
  5.  If you’re seeking exclusive/custom promotions you’d like to advertise please contact us by e-mail or call 410-866-1063


If you plan to accumulate more than $10,000 yearly from this program please contact us for some important details regarding taxes.